0. Overview

This section contains the written element of Bithell’s Waste Disposal Ltd Health & Safety Management System….read more

1. Health & Safety Policy Statement

It is the aim of Bithell’s Waste Disposal Ltd to promote, so far as is practicable, the health, safety and welfare of …read more

2. The Organisation – Company Overview

Bithell’s Waste Disposal Ltd is a family firm, which is based in Wigan and has been established 40 years….read more

3. Key Responsibilities of Personnel

Managing Director – Ensure the company Health and Safety Policy Statement and a suitable….read more

4. General Procedures

This section seta out the general framework or system arrangements and procedures for managing….read more

5. Monitor and Review

The company will monitor the effectiveness of its Health & Safety arrangements to ensure work is being carried out….read more

6. Relevant Legislation

Bithell’s Waste Disposal Ltd are subject to, and conform with the following industry legislation….read more

7. Alcohol and Drugs Policy Statement

The Managing Director, in the interest of all our employees, contractors, clients and any other associated with or affected by our operations, has developed our Company Policy on Alcohol and Drugs…..read more

8. Transport Policy

It is our policy to take all reasonable steps to manage the health and safety of those staff that drive on company business….read more


Guidance and Supporting Information – Links to Current Legislation


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